Banner for coure: Basics of cybersecurity, how to protect the crown jewels of your organization

This is a beginner-level course open to all. It will teach you to identify social engineering attacks, targeted phishing emails, mobile device security, and much more.

  • Are you concerned about hackers exfiltrating and selling your data on the dark web?
  • Does the thought of having your passwords compromised scare you?
  • Would you like to learn more about good cyber hygiene to protect your organization’s digital perimeter by securing your passwords, mobile phones, and sensitive data, as well as learn other valuable tips?
  • Would you be excited to participate in a short simulation of a real-world cyber attack?

If you answer yes to one or several of these questions, enroll today for an engaging training session.


What is an impactful cyber training program?
According to Amanda Emmanuel, an impactful cyber training program empowers individuals to become human firewalls against the rising tsunami of cyber intrusions.

Amanda is a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience in governance, risk and compliance management, cyber risk management, and business continuity in the financial and technology sectors.

Amanda spent most of this time at SAP, a Fortune 500 company. Her extensive background includes leading global high-stakes projects, such as designing and implementing SAP’s Third-Party Risk Management function and supporting the Ransomware Preparedness Programme.

With her proven track record, which includes developing bite-sized cyber risk training modules tailored to high-risk groups worldwide, Amanda deeply understands managing risk across diverse global contexts.

Today, Amanda Emmanuel serves as the Head of Cybersecurity at Valhalla Vault, and continues to deliver impactful and engaging cybersecurity training programs while contributing to developing innovative virtual cybersecurity training solutions.

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